Recognizing his desire to be perpetually youthful, Bentley gravitated toward working with youth. The intrinsic confidence and creativity of the young-at-heart deeply fascinated him. He became driven to unlock the mystery as to why the process of becoming an adult so often suppresses those remarkable attributes.

            His original “feel good” music is wholesome, family-friendly and created to lift and inspire all who hear it. For information about Bentley’s latest endeavors, please visit

            Bentley regularly addresses topics ranging from goal setting, confidence building and core values, to managing addictive and compulsive behavior, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, peer pressure and bullying. He is also a Certified Confidence & High Ropes Course Facilitator & Mentor, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Advanced Human Behavior and Psychology.

Having previously worked for Publicis Groupe, one of the largest multinational public relations and media-marketing firms in the world, he served as Social Media Ambassador for California’s Central Coast. He learned much of the hands-on, inner-workings and politics of the demanding Corporate World.

Bentley now trains corporation leaders and professional management teams of all kinds, to harmoniously streamline employee culture with customer expectation. He helps his clients set specific goals and action steps, establish individual and company Core Values, create mission statements and become willing to allow each individual within their teams to do the same.

As a life coach, personal mentor and professional musician, Bentley meets with individual clients of all ages and demographics, to work on uniquely customized personal development coaching. Whether in person or over the phone, the process he facilitates caters to the distinct needs of each individual. His Personal Development, Life-Coaching and Mentorship Headquarters, Daily Compass International, is located in the Northern Rocky Mountains, near Park City, Utah. For more information about Daily Compass Life Coaching, Transformational Core Values Training, and Personal / Professional Mentorship, please fill out the contact form on our Connect With Us page, at